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This page is part of the RaceTracker project,
coordinated by the team

Add what you know. (Here's how.)

RaceTracker 2012 Congressional Election Dashboard
2012 House report  ยท 2012 Senate report
House: 435 seats Senate: 33 seats
GOP Dems Total GOP Dems Total
Confirmed primary challenges 5 2 7 5 5 10
Possible primary challenges 0 0 0 0 0 0
Open seats* 16 21 41 3 6 102
1. Includes Joe Lieberman, who is retiring from his Conn. senate seat.

This page contains resources for the community maintaining the RaceTracker project on OpenCongress.

For more discussion, see the RaceTracker forum.


How to participate

You can edit any race in any state by clicking on the "edit with form" tab at the top of any article. (You have to be registered to edit, which you can do by clicking "Join OpenCongress" up in the top-right corner.)

Just remember to past the url of the source you got your information from in the "source" field and note the date of publication. You can also leave a note in the "Reference notes" box to clarify anything.

There's not really a place to do it here, but we have to remind you that the RaceTracker is not a place for any rhetoric supporting or opposing candidates for election. There's plenty of blogs and other social media for that.

Feel free to discuss the site or things like the sourcing or intricacies of particular candidate classifications on the RaceTracker page in the OpenCongress forums.

  • Help keep an eye on things by watching the changes to RaceTracker pages at this "related changes" page!

Current to-do list

Initial candidate survey

  • Fill-in current state of House races
  • Fill-in current state of Senator races
  • Fill-in current state of Governor races

Misc. content

  • Special articles (highlighting interesting content - i.e. link-worthy) (See RaceTracker front page.)

Project pages

  • Improve homepage
    • Contact info - see blank below (all)
    • Better interface for selecting states (Conor)
    • "About" section (Done on main page now.)

2008 races

  • Build CSV for 2008 results
  • Install 2008 results after CSV is available. (Conor)
  • Display 2008 candidates on seat-specific pages based on 2008 tracking (Conor)

Misc. mechanics and design

How to create a new RaceTracker page

  1. Create a new page
  2. Add the text "{{RaceTracker}}" at the beginning of a page for the RaceTracker logo w/ the RSS feed or "{{RaceTracker no RSS}}" for the logo without the feed. This is important as it also puts the page in the Category:Project:RaceTracker so it can be identified and changes can be tracked.

Templates and widgets used in RaceTracker


The RaceTracker project on OpenCongress is coordinated by the SwingStateProject with support from the OpenCongress team. You can contact any of us via our user talk pages linked-to below or email the directly at SwingStateProject team or the OpenCongress team.

RaceTracker is a community project open to participation by all. Please add your name/username below if you'd like people to know you're participating and so they can contact you via your user talk page.

Swing State Project organizers

OpenCongress helpers


  • Ben S. (username pending)