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Much of the semantic information in the OpenCongress wiki is available via API thanks to the Semantic MediaWiki extension. (See below for how to view what information is available.)

We could use some help making the below methods more elegant and easy to use. If you're interested contact Conor Kenny.


Available data

The semantic data available can be accessed in a number of ways:

You can also see what information is available by clicking the "browse data" link in the bottom-right corner of most page. For example:

Also, much of the information used in the wiki is actually from the Sunlight Labs API, which has documentation here.

Methods for accessing data

Export to RDF

Use the "Special:ExportRDF" page to export data in RDF format.

API interface for semantic data

Semantic MediaWiki (SMW) provides an API interface to all semantic data. Here, for instance, you can see a CSV-format output of all congressional districts and their 2010 incumbent: file link

API interface for csv data

The External Data extension provides an API to access data entered into the wiki via CSV.

For example, for the article Americans for Democratic Action 2007 House Scorecard: